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Property Preservation Program

Due to the current trend in South Florida, our firm is investigating opportunities to assist lending institutions, municipalities, law firms and associations with the management of abandoned or foreclosed properties. Too often the value of these residences decreases rapidly when the property is unoccupied. Also significant, additional costs may be incurred due to damage from vandalism or lack of maintenance, such as remarciting pools or repairing roofs and the related water damage. OPC Management can provide all services necessary to maintain or in some cases increase these values by utilizing its staff or over 600 contractors who work with us on a continuous basis. Please click here for more information and fee structure.

Services Provided

Initial Inspection: A member of our staff will visit the property. Depending on the number of rooms and amenities, three to four exterior and approximately 10–15 interior pictures will be provided. In addition, a comprehensive inspection report will be prepared. Exterior items, such as paint, windows, doors, pool and landscape will be evaluated and recommendations will be presented. Similar evaluations will be made for each interior room and the condition of cabinets, flooring and light fixtures. Finally, all utilities and appliances will be tested. Upon request proposals will be obtained for approved repair work based on the specification provided by the client. Copies of all proposals with a summary shall be provided.

Subsequent Periodic Inspections: Based on the request of the client our staff will revisit the property weekly or monthly. Updated pictures will be provided as well as a revised inspection report. Progress reports on the approved construction work will be presented. A monthly summary of expenditures, including utility and maintenance costs, with copies of the prior month bank statement will be enclosed with the progress reports. Separate bank accounts will be maintained and upon completion of the project all records will be transmitted to the client. Our bookkeeping staff will obtain any required releases of lien and track all certificates of insurance. All contractors will be licensed and insured.

Fee Structure

Initial Inspection: $200
Subsequent Inspections: $150
Monthly Record Keeping: $100
Proposal Requests: $50 per repair issue
Administrative Fee: 15% of construction invoices and permit fees
Direct Construction Costs: Reimbursement of actual amount only
Additional Services To Be Negotiated


In addition to the property management services outlined above, OPC Management has negoiated an agreement with a local Century 21 office to assist with the sale of these properties.

Please contact Al DeMott, OPC Management president, for further details on our program.

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